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Nov 1, 2012 6:00am EDT
. obama will hold rallies in wisconsin nevada and colorado today. mitt romney will be campaigning in the battleground state of virginia. >>> breaking news in the penn state sexual abuse case. former penn state president gram graham spanier is expected to be charged today. the paper reports in a grand jury filing last year, he denied being aware of a 1998 university police investigation of jerry sandusky and claimed sandusky was with children in the football locker room showers. >>> fire officials say the large warehouse fire they battled all night long is now out. >> at one point, crews had to be evacuated from the building because of the dangerous conditions. fox 5's melanie alnwick is live at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: they do have it out but we can still see some steam coming off the rooftop this morning. this goes though show you how hot and howen tense the fire was when it got going last night. firefighters say they got the call around 10:30 yesterday evening. -- this goes to show you how hot and how intense the fire was when it got going last night. because it's
Nov 5, 2012 6:00am EST
nominee mitt romney's 48%. now, other polls reveal similar signs that this election day will be one to watch from start to finish. >> and was as we all know, it will be another hectic day for both presidential candidates. >> president obama and republican nominee mitt romney will be making stops in a number of battleground states today. fox 5's melanie alnwick is here with more on the final full day of campaigning. >> reporter: good morning. the campaign planes are crisscrossing each other through the critical states. today, president obama is in wisconsin, ohio and iowa. mitt romney starts out in central florida and then he travels here to fairfax, virginia and then to ohio before bringing this long campaign to rest in new hampshire. that is where president obama began campaigning sunday. he ended in aurora, colorado cheered by a crowd of 20,000 people late last night. he also made stops in florida and ohio telling supporters he will continue to build on the last four years. mitt romney wrapped up his day in newport news, virginia in front of a large crowd at smithfield foods. he w
Nov 6, 2012 6:00am EST
candidates y president obama and republican challenger mitt romney made one last push for votes late into last night. >> we all deserve a shot at our own american dream. and when the cynicked said we cooperate, you said yes, we can. you said yes, we can and we did. >> you hoped that president obama would live up to his prom toys bring people together to solve the big problems. he hasn't. i will. >> we'll know whose promise has paid off as election day 2012 gets under way. >> and besides choosing the next president, there are many other portant decisions to make here at home. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. >>> straight up 6:00. this is a live look on this election day as pollling places have just opened there. we'll be continuing to follow that throughout the morning as well as other areas, maryland and d.c. as well. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. people starting to stream in. they are getting it out of the way. not a lot of people there right now. let's talk about the weather for election day. >> generally go
Nov 7, 2012 6:00am EST
romney conceded the race in a phone call. look at the crowd there. just amazing. we'll have more owe legislation coverage coming up here in just a second. as wisdom mentioned, we've got some i don't want to say winter weather. we do have a storm moving in. >> just say it. >> i know. >> just say it. just get it out. we have we have cold temperatures to start your day and the potential for winter weather later. not going to be a major deal but you might see some snowflakes flying during the evening hours. might be a little morning rain here all associated with our developing coastal storm, our nor'easter that is moving up the coast. this will be a player in our forecast throughout the day. it will be cloudy, breezy at times today and cold. our high temperatures are only going to be top out in the low 40s. it will be like i awinter day around here this afternoon. this is your dropping storm. -- it will be like a winter day around here this afternoon. the storm developing up into the coastline of new jersey and new york city. generally in a line from 95 east, you have the best chance of
Nov 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
romney will be in wisconsin. gorn nor romney was in virginia yesterday and president obama will return to northern virginia tomorrow for a campaign stop. later this morning both camps will be watching the latest jobs report. if it's the last one before the election. >>> >> changes to speed and red light camera spine fines. >> but first a man accused of a string of pipe bombings. we'll many or on that coming up when fox 5 morning news continues.  >>> there is some breaking news from northern virginia this morning. a suspect has been killed by sheriff's deputies. this happened around 4:00 this morning on tack et mill road near the staff ford county line. authorities tell us the incident began as an accident investigation. it's unclear though how it's kalated to a deadly shooting. we'll continue to follow that throughout the morning. >>> the nationwide man hunt for a virginia man accused of trying to kill his exgirlfriend and two police officers using pipe bombs had ended in montana. lawrence stewart was caught after a brief police chase. officers had to de
Nov 9, 2012 6:00am EST
'm really proud and -- [applause] >> in counting the popular vote, president obama beat mitt romney by about three million ballots cast. the romney camp was reportedly shocked on election night as returns came n a senior advisor tells cbs news they were confident they were going to win. romney was described as stoic when he conceded the race to the president in a phone call. >>> back to the president crying, i got to imagine the stress of that race and going through all of that and then you just are at that moment where you're so thankful for the support and everything. i can imagine it would make you want to cry too. >> i allot of hard work. >> not a job that i would ever want. >> no. >> all right. your job is not too difficult today. you have good news. >> this is an easy one. we have warmer temperature on the way. it is chilly out there this morning. overnight lows back in the 30s. we are in the low 40s here in town. here is your big headline. warmer temperatures on the way. later this afternoon, we'll kick it off with mid-50s and then 60s around here for the weekend. saturday, sunday, mo
Nov 8, 2012 6:00am EST
that would have favored a romney presidency. so the obama rally became the obama sell offyesterday. and this morning, you might expect a huge rally because we had such a huge sell offin the prior session but we're up maybe 19 points right now on the dow, so small gain. >> all right. sneaking of small gains, wal- mart is trying to macsome small gains to bet people back in the stores and get them offline. tell us how it will work for black friday. >> take your thanksgiving pumpkin pie and just bring it to wal-mart because their doors are going to open at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving and that is when they will start to offer black friday door buster dealed. so -- deals. so starting at 8:00 and then more deals through the night. the best deals will be three items offer between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. that is the window to get the apple ipad 2 to $399 with a free $wal-mart gift card. for $148, you can get a 32- inch. emerson hd lcd player. it may sell out during that time. you can get a voucher to get them at another time. that is what wal-mart is doing so they are kind of ruining our thanks
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7